We are proud to offer a Pre-Competitive Program for the girls who are on track to becoming a competitive gymnast. This is an invitational program in which the child must either be asked to join or participate in a try-out in order to be selected into the program.

The focus of these gymnasts is building a strong base through the break down of compulsory skills. Gymnasts must be dedicated and have a good work ethic to succeed, and this program will help build these attitudes. We hope to give each child an experience that will benefit their future as a competitive gymnast.

The ages in this program are generally 5-7 years old, but this is subject to change.


Our competitive teams follow the Junior Olympic Compulsory Program in Ontario. This means that the girls follow a series of Levels from 1 through 5, each with a specific set of skills and routine. The layout of this program in Canada was made with alterations based of the JO program in the United-States. The goal of the Compulsory Program is to allow gymnasts to build a solid, safe foundation for more complex skills in the Optional Program.

The Optional Program is also offered at World Class Gymnastics for Levels 6 and up. We strive to meet each gymnasts’ potential and help them achieve their goals. At this level, gymnasts have more freedom with their skills and choreography at competition.